BG Rent-A-Car F.A.Q.

Can anyone other than myself drive the car?

Yes, if his name is mentioned in the rental policy as an additional driver, provided that the age requirements are met. There is an extra charge of 1.00 €, for any additional driver.

Can I drive with non-Bulgarian driving license?

You can drive with license issued in different country than Bulgaria. The license should not be expired or expiration date during the rental period!

Can I return the car at different office from the pick up office?

There is “One way rental” fee depending on the distance, which is calculated automatically during the reservation. If you rent a car, for example, in Sofia and return it in Varna , the fee is 120 €, if you rent a car in Burgas and return it in Varna the fee is 44 €. Read our full rental terms for additional information.

Do I need a credit card when pick up the car?

A security deposit will be blocked on the credit (Visa or MasterCard) issued on the name of the driver. The deposit amount will not be charged, only blocked on the card. After the return will be unblocked. The deposit is different for the different car classes 150 – 400 €.

Do you provide deliveries to hotel/address?

BG Rent A Car provides delivery everywhere in Bulgaria. We provide free delivery service to hotels in the St. St. Constantine and Elena resort, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach resorts.

Is it allowed to visit other countries?

BG Rent A Car allows visiting other countries after advance request. The countries allowed are Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey. There is an additional fee of 80 €.

Is the local Road Tax (Vignette) included in the price?

The price includes Road Tax (Vignette) the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Is there mileage limitation?

There is no limit of the mileage.

What are the driver requirements to rent a car?

The driver must possess a driver`s license for at least 2 year. The minimum age is 21.

What if I have a problem with the car?

BG Rent A Car provides 24/7 assistance for its clients. Just call +359877599077 or +359899993266 and will be there to help you as soon as possible.

What is the fuel policy?

The car is provided with a full tank. Upon returning the car with a missing fuel, the client pays the missing fuel,
2 €/l.

What is the working time of BG Rent A Car?

We are open 09:00 – 18:00, every day. We can also service customers out of working hours at additional charge. Detailed contact information can be found in our contacts section.

Where can I read the full rental terms and conditions?

You can read our full rental terms and conditions using this link.

Will it cost extra if my pick up/drop off hour is out of working hours?

There is additional fee of 20 € for pick up/drop off “Out of working hours” 18:00h – 09:00h.